Questions for Bloomington City Council Candidates

Here is the full text of questions we sent to the Bloomington City Council Candidates.

1)     Bloomington is being advised that it needs more affordable housing and more housing for senior citizens.  If you agree, what actions would you support to meet those needs?

2)     Bloomington is a mature community that is essentially fully developed.  What do you feel should be sustained, and what should be added/changed/redeveloped?

3)     Should Bloomington gradually raise the minimum wage to $15 or ban cigarette sales to anyone under 21?

4)     Pick one of the following topics and provide your opinion

       •      Housing development on Hyland Greens

       •      New community center

       •      Traffic soothing by removal of lanes, addition of bike lanes

       •      Franchise Fees (ruled unconstitutional in St Paul)

5)     What will you bring to the City Council if elected?