SD 46 Republicans Endorsed Kim Rich for House District 46B on June 18th!

Kim believes he can positively impact Minnesota with his experience in business leadership.

He does give President Biden credit for one thing: $50 is not worth as much as it used to be.
(So you are welcome to contribute your $50!)

Kim Rich at the Capital

SD 46 Republicans Endorsed John Nagel for House District 46A at their April 14th Convention!

John Nagel



SD 46 Republicans is the official political unit of the Minnesota Republican Party for the northwest portion of the city of Edina,
and the cities of Hopkins and St Louis Park.



The principles of the Republican Party recognize the God-given liberties while promoting opportunity for every American.

At the local level our mission is to build a community and support our neighbors. Our mission is to educate each other, so that we can influence decisions before they are made. Building a strong community of shared goals for the future gives us a network to truly build a better tomorrow. 

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Senate District 46 Republicans of Minnesota support the core values of the Republican Party:
Personal responsibility, free enterprise, fiscal responsibility, and limited and sensible government.  Through our efforts, we will select, vet, endorse and support candidates who strive to support the planks of our MN GOP platform.

"All politics is local"


Most of Eden Prairie and Minnetonka is now Senate District 49.  WEBSITE: www.49Mngop.com

The rest of Edina and Western Bloomington is now Senate District 50.  WEBSITE: www.sd50gop.com

Richfield and the rest of (Eastern) Bloomington is now Senate District 51.  WEBSITE: www.sd51gop.org

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