Volunteers Needed for Door to Door Visits Every Weekend

photo-of-a-white-door-with-a-hanging-wreath-and-welcome-1652394.jpgONLY YOU CAN TURN MINNESOTA RED!

The race to turn Minnesota red is close. The latest polling shows how close the race is. The most effective vote getting technique is door knocking—actually talking to voters. It is better than phone calling, lit dropping and advertising. We need volunteers to door knock! If you can’t door knock, please volunteer for one of the other activities.

Joe Thalman, candidate for HD 49B, and 15 volunteers received “Advantage Mobile” smart phone app training on Saturday August 29th. Tyler Dunn, the CD3 Victory 2000 Regional Director, presented the training. Following the training we door knocked at houses in Bloomington precincts 18, 21 and 28. All of the volunteers seemed surprised by the number of supportive voters.

Next Saturday September 12th, we will be door knocking in Bloomington, Minneotonka and Edina precincts. We will continue to walk and door knock 6 precincts each week through October 17th.

We need about 30 volunteers every week to contribute 2-3 hours each to door knock 6 precincts each week. We will be walking every precinct in SD49 and knocking on the doors of “swing” voters, i.e., the most likely voters that can swing the election to Republican victory. We prioritized the precincts in SD49 based on potential swing voter impact and we are door knocking the highest priority precincts first to ensure we maximize the efforts of our volunteers.

Each Saturday through October 31st, we will be meeting at 7600 Parklawn Dr Suite 108 in Edina. Use the Fidelity Bank entrance. For those who need the Advantage Mobile App training, meet at 9:30. For those volunteers who have completed Advantage training, meet at 10:00 to receive literature bags and assigned area.

For questions contact  SD49's Jim Bowen, (360) 927-8301, [email protected]