Viewing Guide for Recorded Dario Anselmo LWV Forum

We've created a time-indexed viewing guide for the recorded September 19 League of Women Voters Forum between Dario Anselmo and Ron Erhardt.

LWV Forum Sept 19 – Dario Anselmo and Ron Erhardt – HD 49A

Video is at this link

Opening statements

4:23  -  Dario Anselmo5:57 –Ron Erhardt

7:13 LWV prepared question (candidates were told this one ahead of time): Explain why you would, or would not support restoring the right to vote to citizens living in the community on probation or parole due to a felony conviction?

7:34  Erhardt               8:30  Anselmo            

9:42 Audience Question 1:  Which one issue do you think is most important to work on with legislators across the aisle? (Repeated by moderator before asking Erhardt to respond.)

10:02 Anselmo                        10:40 Erhardt

11:42 Audience Question 2: What is your position on term limits for state legislators? (Repeated by moderator before asking Anselmo to respond.)

11:51 Erhardt              12:46 Anselmo

13:10 Audience Question 3:  Is SWLRT (Southwest Light Rail Transit) more or less likely to be built if you are elected? Why or why not?

13:19 Anselmo                        14:02 Erhardt

14:57 Audience Question 4: Our next question is about education. The State of Minnesota has a large achievement gap among different student groups.  What do you think the legislature should do to close this gap?

 15:10 Erhardt             16:08 Anselmo

16:58 Audience Question 5:  This is a question about housing. The vacancy rate for affordable housing in the Metro area has dropped to 2 percent or below.  What legislation would you support to preserve and increase affordable housing?

17:13 Anselmo                        17:41 Erhardt

18:27 Audience Question 6: This is a question about traffic gridlock.  The population numbers people say that the Twin Cities area will grow 20% in the next decade.  What will you do to reduce the potential traffic gridlock that is heading our way on Crosstown 62, 35W, 169 and 494? (Partially repeated before inviting Anselmo response).

18:53 Erhardt  19:53 Anselmo

20:22 Audience Question 7:  What state policy would you support to expand renewable energy? Specifically, would you support expanding Minnesota’s standards of renewable energy to 40% by 2030?

20:37 Anselmo                        21:18 Erhardt

22:24 Audience Question 8: Last year the legislature provided additional funding for small business development and first time homebuyers, many of whom are people of color. Would you support additional funding to address racial disparities in home ownership and small business development?

 22:46  Erhardt    22:57 Anselmo

23:30 Audience Question 9: The income tax increase passed in 2013 resulted in a huge budget surplus.  Where do you stand on rolling back that tax increase?

23:45 Anselmo            24:23 Erhardt

25:29 Audience Question 10: We’re moving on to the next question, about MNSure:  What legislative action do you recommend to address the problems of  MNSure, and please mention / address fewer choices and the cost of premiums? (repeated at Erhardt request and again at Anselmo request)

25:46 Erhardt              27:27 Anselmo

28:36 Audience Question 11: This proposed constitutional amendment will be the November 8 ballot.  It says, “Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to remove lawmaker’s power to set their own salaries, and instead establish a citizens-only council to prescribe salaries of lawmakers?” What is your position on this amendment?

28:59 Anselmo            29:25 Erhardt

30:31 Audience Question 12: Over 65 percent of Minnesotans believe that a mentally able adult should be able to get a prescription for life-ending medication that can be self-administered.  Do you agree and will you support that legislation if it was proposed in the next session?

31:00 Erhardt              31:56 Anselmo

32:16 Audience Question 13: Will you vote for tax reductions and return surplus to tax payers?  Why or why not?

32:25 Anselmo            32:47 Erhardt

33:53 Audience Question 14: The Comprehensive Health Equity and Employee Rights Act, or CHEER act, has been proposed in Minnesota.  The CHEER act would ensure that health plans offering drug coverage would have to cover contraceptives, too.  There is an exemption for religious institutions.  If elected, would you support the CHEER act?  Why or why not?

34:31 Erhardt              34:40 Anselmo

34:58 Audience Question 15: Will you support requiring criminal background checks on every gun sale?  Why or why not? Please explain your position.

35:07 Anselmo            35:34 Erhardt

36:30 Audience Question 16: The Minnesota Department of Corrections has indicated that there’s a need for more prison beds in this state.  What actions do you support to remedy this situation?

36:36 Erhardt              37:25 Anselmo

 37:55 Audience Question 17:  Both of you have talked about investments in severe (several?) areas: affordable housing, education, roads, rail transit, etc. How would you finance those investments?

38:09 Anselmo            38:47 Erhardt

40:03 Audience Question 18: What is your position on funding charter schools?

40:08 Erhardt              40:46 Anselmo

41:11 Audience Question 19:  How should the state address climate change?

41:15 Anselmo            41:58 Erhardt

42:59 Audience Question 20: The next question is about insurance. Currently under Minnseota law, the state cannot audit the medical insurance companies’ books.  Would you support insurance companies having to open up their books for audit by the state? Why or why not?

43:22 Erhardt              43:42 Anselmo

44:08 Audience Question 21:  Do you favor electioneering and disclosure legislation to help voters identify the anonymous sources of money for campaign spending by organizations like the Minnesota Action Network and the Minnesota Jobs Coalition and others? If not, why not? (Repeated as Erhardt invited to respond)

44:29 Anselmo            45:20 Erhardt

46:26 Audience Question 22: What is your position on sentencing guideline reform?

46:34 Erhardt              46:49 Anselmo

47:13 Audience Question 23:  Do you support Sunday liquor sales in Minnesota?  Why or why not?

47:21 Anselmo            47:35 Erhardt

48:49 Moderator wrap-up

Closing Statements (time expanded to 2 minutes by moderator):

49:17 – 51:18 Erhardt            

51:19 – 52:43 Anselmo