Video and Photos from Fall Conversation 2019

For_website_Lacy_Johnson-CD-5_Republican_Candidate.jpgMany of those attending the Fall Conversation told us how much more hope they have for our For_website_Kendall_Qualls-CD-3_Republican_Candidate.jpg2020 success after hearing from the impressive Republican candidates for US Congress – Lacy Johnson (pictured at left) seeking endorsement for CD5 and Kendall Qualls (pictured at right), seeking endorsement for CD3. These candidates believe that Republicans should stand strong in support of the American values of freedom, opportunity, and personal responsibility. They made a number of other points in an impressive discussion that lasted over an hour, guided by moderator Max Rymer. We highlighted a few of those in our recent article on our website. 

Watch the 70 minute video (lightly edited to remove pauses and keep it reasonable length) and you’ll quickly be able to get a sense of these two great candidates yourself. And from the photos below it’s clear how enjoyable an evening is when sharing views and opinions with fellow area Republicans. Plan now to attend the November “Conversation” next Fall.