Using the Pandemic for Political Advantage

I try hard not to be overtly political even though that's been a challenge lately. The Left makes it so hard for me. For example, the presumptive Democrat nominee for President of the United States, Joe Biden, ripped President Trump in January of this year for halting travel to and from China, calling Trump a xenophobe. AKA Trump is a racist. That move alone by President Trump may have saved hundreds of thousands of American lives. Trump will never get the credit.

Washington_Post_Chinese_Virus_Headline.jpgRecently the media has attacked Trump for using the term “Chinese Virus”. Now I don't really care if you agree or disagree with the World Health Organizations decision in 2015 to name diseases with descriptive terms and move away from attaching locations in the names. I am referring to the blatant hypocrisy of the media for calling Trump out when they too have egg on their face. Take a look at the photo on the left from the front page of the Washington Post from Monday, January 27, 2020 where the top headline is about ..... wait for it..... the Chinese Virus.

A friend of mine, Daniel Greenfield, recently penned a great piece titled "The Media is a Public Health Crisis" meaning the media always does its best to make a crisis worse.

I think he hits it out of the park with the last line of the article:

"Local governments have shut down bars and eateries. Nobody has shut down the media. But an hour of CNN is far more of a public health threat than all the bars in all the cities of the country."