Updates on MN GOP Chair Candidates

Phillip_C_Parrish_MN_GOP_Chair_candidate.jpg"Persons running for Republican Party of Minnesota Chair must file a declaration of candidacy with the Nominating Committee on or before September 24th." (Per the official "Call" for the State Central Committee's October 2 meeting to elect a Chair.)

Phillip C Parrish, pictured at left,  formally announced his candidacy September 14 in a memo to State Central Committee delegates and alternates. His announcement and a video can be found at his Facebook page.

Leilani_Holmstadt.jpgLeilani Holmstadt, pictured at right, announced her candidacy September 16 in an email and (non-public) video to delegates and alternates.

One candidate who filed in August, Jim Newberger,  announced publicly on social media September 12 that he will not be seeking the position of MN GOP Chair. Nominating Committee members were officially notified September 13 that he had withdrawn.

David Hann and Jerry Dettinger are continuing to actively campaign, outlining their recommendations and proposed plans in messages to delegates and alternates.

We're aware there may be at least 2 other candidates who have filed but not yet sent messages to delegates and alternates.