This Week in the MN House: Contact Your Rep

Surprised_woman_pexels-photo-1201758.jpegOn Tuesday, January 29, the Government Operations Committee will hear HF123, which would eliminate the Legislative Budget Office, undo a key GOP victory from the last biennium, and cede power over fiscal notes to the Executive Branch.

This Wednesday, January 30, the Elections Committee will hear HF94, which would allow a single person to assist an unlimited number of voters each election cycle in filling out their ballots. Current law only allows each volunteer to assist three individuals per election.

Sometime this week, the Labor Committee will hear HF5, the Paid Family Leave bill. It creates a massively expensive new bureaucracy to manage sick/parental leave/etc. benefits for Minnesota employees. It would require a payroll tax increase (the amount is still unspecified in the bill) on every employer and employee in the state, even if they already have benefits.

Yes, elections have consequences. Tell SD49’s State Legislators where you stand on these issues.