SD 49 Executive Officers, State Central Delegates Up for Election in February

The two-year terms of our current Executive Committee members and State Central Delegates and Alternates come to a close in February 2017.   At our SD 49 Convention on February 18, elections will be held to fill these positions for the next two years.  If you were elected a delegate or an alternate at your precinct caucus in March 2015 and you continue to reside in the same SD49 precinct, your delegate/alternate status carries forward to this convention.

The Executive Committee consists of 15 voting members:  two Co-Chairs (one from District 49A and one from District 49B), ten Vice-Chairs (five from District 49A and five from District 49B), a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Communications Chair.  These individuals provide the dynamic leadership within the Senate District.  They direct, inspire, and support the precinct leaders in the effective functioning of our party operation.  As it is critical that we have active and enthusiastic precinct leaders, it is equally important that we elected strong, out-going Executive Committee members.

A call will go out in January for all individuals interested in running for Executive Office in Senate District 49.  You are urged to consider your willingness to provide the leadership that is needed within the senate district and to put your name into nomination as a Senate District officer.  An Officer Nominating Committee will interview all candidates for Senate District officer prior to the February convention.

In accordance with our Bylaws, Executive Committee officers may serve only two 2-year terms (an exception exists for an additional 1-year term in a redistricting year).  There are current vacancies on our Executive Committee on both the 49A and 49B side. 

The February convention will also elect four State Central delegates

·       3 delegates from the Congressional District 3 precincts

·       1 delegate from the CD5 precincts

and 12 State Central alternates

·       9 alternates from the CD3 precincts

·       3 alternates from the CD5 precincts

This is a reduction in delegate allocations to SD 49.  Since 2015, SD49 has had five delegates and 15 alternates from its CD 3 precincts and one delegate and 3 alternates from its CD 5 precincts.  Delegates and alternates are apportioned in line with the votes recorded in each senate district for the Republican Presidential candidate in the Presidential election the year prior.

Individuals interested in being elected as a delegate or alternate to State Central will be asked to nominate themselves in advance of the SD 49 convention.  Candidates will be interviewed by the Officer Nominating Committee.  Traditionally, the Officer Nominating Committee has given special consideration to individuals that have served with distinction as Senate District Officers, Republican-endorsed district candidates, and strong supporters of district Republican Party activities.