SD49 Officers Election in February - Responsibilities

Convention_article_photo.jpgOur December 4 Newsletter carried an article  noting that the SD49 Convention this February will include the election of the SD49 Executive Officers. Ten of the 15 executive officers are Vice Chairs, five from House District 49A and five from House District 49B.

Senate District 49 has been one of the leading local Republican organization in Minnesota.  It takes committed leadership not only from the two SD49 Co-Chairs but also from each of the ten Vice Chairs to sustain that performance. Each takes on specific responsibilities to keep our dynamic organization functioning effectively.

In seeking candidates for Vice Chairs, we are looking for Republicans willing to lead one or more of the following efforts within our senate district:

• Outreach to new members
• Fundraising
• Program development
• Event organization (dinners, picnics, parades, etc.)
• Convention and Caucus planning
• Social media
• Precinct organization
• Candidate search
• Volunteer recruitment and coordination
• Database management
• Researching and writing articles for the newsletter and website

So, if you are interested in serving as an executive officer or have any questions about serving, please let us know. You need to be a Republican and live within the boundaries of Senate District 49. Contact Mike Lehmann at [email protected] or 612-839-0761. Mike will schedule you for an interview as part of our search process. Interviews are starting the end of January.