SD49 Office Space to Move by Year End

Edina Community Center revised layout has no room for SD 49 GOP

In May 2015, Edina conducted a special election bond referendum. The Edina voters approved $125 million in bond funding to update learning spaces, enhance building security at the district’s 10 schools, and improve district infrastructure.  A year later, the facility planning associated with the new floor plans and security enhancements at the Edina Community Center (ECC) is becoming clear. 

There will be no room for several of the remaining ECC tenants, including the Congressional District 3 (CD 3) and Senate District 49 (SD 49) Republicans.  By December 1, 2016, new office and meeting space will be needed.  We are asking for your help in identifying inexpensive office and storage options to efficiently maintain our operations.

The ECC is a three-story building that currently contains several tenants.  Normandale Elementary School is the most prominent.  The new plan calls for the elementary school to occupy the complete second floor.  An early education center for a new pre-K program for 3-4 year olds will be created on the first floor. 

The third floor currently has room for a half-dozen tenants, including the Yamaha Music School, the 494 Corridor Commission, and local offices for both Republican and DFL organizations.  In the new plan, the Yamaha Music School will be joined on the third floor by the Edina Schools Credit Union, the Edina Education Fund, and the Edina Give and Go organization. Edina School District offices and professional development spaces will also be moved to the third floor. 

By November 30, 2016, the 494 Corridor Commission and the Republican and the DFL political organizations will each need to secure and relocate to other office space. 

The SD 49 Republicans have enjoyed an office at the ECC since John Swon III secured the space in 1997.  Subsequently, SD 49 shared the space with CD 3, creating a very efficient and cost-effective use of a general conference area and two sub-offices.  The room has been valuable for Executive Committee meetings, candidate interviews, subcommittee meetings, communications planning sessions, and phone-a-thons.  It has provided the working area needed for data entry and to prepare for caucuses,  conventions, and literature drops.  The room also stores party files, banners, posters, flyers, and other memorabilia.

 The efficient operation of the Senate District is enhanced by having a secure space for meetings and work, including access to Party-owned office supplies, equipment, and other assets.  We are asking for your help in identifying inexpensive office and storage options that we might leverage to maintain our operations.   Please contact Randy Sutter ([email protected]) or Wayne Wenger ([email protected]) if you have any ideas.