Say No to RCV: A Fight Worth Having

Rank_Choice_Voting_Reality.jpgKathy Kranz is Co-Chair of Senate District 50 Republicans (Eastern portion of Bloomington, Richfield).

We have a group of residents who are going to be campaigning against RCV adoption in Bloomington.

WE NEED YOUR HELP. We will be treating this as a serious campaign from signage to neighborhood engagement to phone calling. We have approximately 41 days until early voting to get the word out. If you are interested in helping us protect our current voting system and shutting down the scheme known as Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) we need you.

Email me (Kathy Kranz) at [email protected] and let me know you want to help. If you can’t help with phoning or door-knocking, you could host a sign location. And as always, I am available for any questions or discussions.

This is a fundamental fight for Bloomington election integrity.

But it isn’t stopping with Bloomington (SD49-50). Minnetonka residents (SD49, SD44 and SD48) just reached out to us. Their RCV change scenarios are eerily the same. This is a movement that must be stopped.

For more information please follow locally on facebook: No to Ranked-Choice Voting

And a new National Campaign against RCV: Protect My Ballot

What we're up against is a very well-funded, well-organized cluster of advocacy groups.

The city was heavily lobbied by The League of Women Voters, backed by Nathan Coulter and Jenna Carter, supported by Dean Phillips and helped by Steve Elkins, assisted and funded by FairVoteMN, FairVote National and ultimately a list of concerning foundations.  According to, “Major funding to FairVote has come from a number of prominent left-of-center private grantmaking foundations and public charities, including the Laura and John Arnold FoundationOmidyar Network FundOpen Society FoundationsJennifer and Jonathan Allan Soros FoundationDemocracy FundTides FoundationWilliam and Flora Hewlett FoundationJoyce FoundationJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur FoundationPublic Welfare FoundationSoros Fund Charitable FoundationCarnegie Corporation of  New YorkRockefeller Brothers Fund, and Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation.”