RNC Convention Impressions from Doug Seaton: United On Principles

Doug Seaton attended the Republican National Convention last week as a Delegate, and captured his impressions on the plane ride home to MN.

Minnesota’s delegation represented the diversity of Republicans here – men and women from all geographic areas of the state, a wide range of occupations, ages, and ethnic backgrounds. There were supporters of Rubio, Cruz and Trump, as well as those who’d initially supported others from the starting field of 17 candidates.

As the convention ended, people were united on principles. And while we may have started this year supporting one of the 16 other credible Republican candidates, Donald Trump emerged as clearly the most popular of the Republican candidates. He is the one we’ll support and work to elect in November as our best choice to reflect these principles.

We are united in defense of:
The Constitution
Limited government
Free enterprise
The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

We are united in support of:
Competence in the War on Terrorism
Our military
Our police officers
The rule of law

We are united against:
Rule by bureaucrats or Union bosses
Crony capitalism
Those who seek to pander to race and class hatred & divisions