Qualls Campaign Seeking Help to Reach Post Card Goal

writing_a_letter_sketch.jpg2020 campaigns are picking up steam! After a request for help in our last newsletter, SD49 volunteers stepped up and wrote almost 400 post cards supporting Kendall Qualls, the GOP endorsed candidate for Congressional District 3.

The post cards are a good way of gaining name recognition in our current limited face-to-face environment. The Qualls campaign has a goal of sending out over 4,000 post cards by June 15th and are within arm’s reach of that goal with help from all areas of CD3. We here in SD49 can help them reach that goal with five more volunteers willing to spend the time to write 60 post cards.

Stamped post cards, suggested wording, and pre-printed address labels will be provided to volunteers. Contact SD49's Jim Bowen (360) 927-8301 or [email protected] to volunteer.