Pitchers and Politics: A Successful Exchange of Ideas

More than 50 people stopped in April 20 for a beverage, a bite to eat, and a wealth of informal exchange of ideas. Hosted by Senate Districts 44, 48 and 49 the Pitchers & Politics event was clearly a success  - small enough to be comfortable, large enough to meet a good cross-section of Republicans of all ages from the Southern & Western suburbs.

Snippets of conversations heard from a side table: 

small_P_and_P_Best_1.jpg“Did you hear that a GOP candidate for Governor declared last night?”

“How do we make it easier for working adults to connect with us?”

 “I was a Watershed Commissioner – have you seen what’s happening now?

 “Wasn’t election night last Fall AMAZING?”

“Do you have any city elections this fall?”

“I’m a new Precinct Chair.  It’s tough getting people to talk with each other.”

 “I enjoy volunteering with Meals on Wheels. There are lots of elderly still in their own homes.”

“With video technology, all students should be able to get lessons from the best teachers nationwide, with local teachers focused on 1:1.”

“I hope Congress acts soon on health insurance  – I’m ready to retire but don’t know what I’d do for coverage.”

“How do I get my views across to my liberal Senator?”

“The plans for Edina’s Fred Richards Golf Course redevelopment have the neighbors concerned.”small_P_andP_Best_2.jpg

 “Teachers shouldn’t have to pay Union dues that are funneled to candidates they’d personally oppose.”

“I’m concerned about refugees coming into the state, and how best to help them settle.”

“Parents are a child’s first and best teachers.  I volunteer with an early literacy organization.”

“We’d like to start a Newsletter; how do you send out yours?”

“Our NW Republican Women’s chapter is a great way to meet for these conversations, too.”

“Do you know anyone who has good Caucus training write-ups?”

“I got to talk with some old neighbors – haven’t seen them since I moved from that district.”

 “We should do this type of thing more often!”