Picnic Featured Fun, Food and Candidates

Balloons_and_banner_at_picnic_small.jpgThe 2018 annual SD49-SD50 Family Picnic on Sunday, August 5, enjoyed beautiful weather, fresh-grilled food, and a number of kid-friendly games. Ninety to 100 Republican voters and about 20 kids took full advantage of all that the day had to offer.

Dario_at_picnic_small.jpgEleven Republican candidates stopped by to greet and speak, including U.S. Congressman Erik Paulsen, MN House Rep. Dario Anselmo, and candidates Jenn Zielinski (U.S. Congress, CD5), Pam Myhra (State Auditor), Doug Wardlow (MN Attorney General), John Howe (Secretary of State), Rich Stanek (Hennepin Co Sheriff), Chad Anderson (MN Rep, 50B) Kirsten Johnson (MN Rep, 50A), Ellen Cousins (MN Rep, 48B), and Brad Aho (Eden Prairie Mayor). In addition, Danny Nadeau spoke for Jeff Johnson (candidate, MN Governor), and Mary Amlaw spoke for Jim Newberger (candidate, US Senator).

As with any enterprise of this nature, a number of volunteers made it a success:
• Overall planner and coordinator: Wayne WengerWayne_Wenger_small.jpg
• Set-up crew: Russ Burnison, Mike Lehmann, Mary and Jennifer Doughty, Carolyn Davies, Bill Holm, Sean Boylan, Carolyn Wenger, and Noah Harber
• Grill and Corn Team: Tom Hulting, Russ Burnison, Ric Davies, Mike Lehmann, Matt Alvero, and Bill HolmRuss_and_Grill.jpg
• Serving Team: Sean Boylan, Bill Holm, Mary and Jennifer Doughty, and Carolyn Wenger
• Reception Team: Lew Coffey, Louis Tiggas, and Randy Sutter
• Youngest Republicans Entertainment Team: Nancy Carlson, Beth Beebe, Arlene Joern-Peter, Bill Peter, Carolyn Wenger, Isabel Tiggas, Jennifer Doughty, and friends of Beth Beebe.

Thanks to everyone who helped and to those that came and enjoyed the day!