Newly Active Republicans Welcomed at Caucus

Caucus_2020.jpgAccording to the MN GOP, on Tuesday, February 25th, more than ten thousand Minnesotans attended their precinct caucuses to participate in the party building process, pass resolutions, and make their voices heard.

Senate District 48 (Eden Prairie), Senate District 49 (Edina and West Bloomington), and Senate District 50 (East Bloomington and South Richfield) each reported attendance at or above 200 people.

As expected, local turnout was lower than in 2016 when the Caucus straw-poll attracted people who wanted to weigh-in on the hotly-contested Presidential candidate nomination. A large number of the 2016 attendees had little interest in the other caucus business that is essential to refresh the party organization.

Resized_20200225_171010(1).jpgThis time around, the majority of the people fully participated in the election of precinct officers, delegates and alternates to the senate district convention, and platform resolutions.

Several candidates walked the rounds of the precinct caucuses in their quest for endorsement at the upcoming conventions. SD48 was addressed by a number of candidates: Rob Barrett Jr (for US Senate), Kendall Qualls (for US House), Jeff Jiang (for MN Senate), Brad Aho (for Hennepin County Commissioner, District 6), and Holly Link, (for MN House District 48B). Senate District 50 heard from Gary Heyer (for MN House District 50B). Rob Barrett Jr’s wife spoke for him during the SD49 and SD50 caucuses. Matt Sikich (for MN House District 49B) stopped in at some of the SD49 precincts in Edina.

Most gratifying, many precincts saw an increase in new attendees. In some precincts, younger people became conveners and secretaries. They did a great job and from what some of them said, they enjoyed being part of the process. In addition, a number stepped forward to become leaders of their precincts in what promises to be a very active election year. Many became delegates and will participate in our senate district conventions in March. Attendees signed up as volunteers to support campaigns or to be Election Judges and Poll Watchers.