New Senate District 50 will hold Convention March 19

Convention_image_for_Newsletter.jpgIf you were elected as a precinct delegate or alternate during the recent caucus, you will remain in that capacity until the next caucus in 2024.

The new Senate District 50 will hold a convention at Bethany Church at 6900 Auto Club Road on Saturday, March 19. The formal call to register and attend the convention will be sent out, via email,  on or before March 9. It will provide the start time and registration fees associated with the meeting. If you are a delegate or alternate and do not receive a "call" email by March 9, please contact your precinct chair.

The purpose of the convention will be to:

• debate and approve new bylaws
• elect senate district officers
• elect delegates and alternates to the Congressional District 3 (CD3), Congressional District 5 (CD5), and State Conventions
• review and approve/disapprove resolutions to the MN GOP party platform
• potentially endorse MN House and/or MN Senate candidates

Committees are being formed to draft the bylaws, to review the platform resolutions that were approved in the recent precinct caucuses, to seek legislative candidates, and to identify potential delegates and alternates to the CD3 and state conventions. If you are interested in serving on any of these committees, please call the Senate District telephone number, (952) 856-3028 and leave a message.

Please let your precinct chairs know by February 23 (this Wednesday) if you are interested in being a district or precinct officer, a convention committee member, and/or a delegate or alternate to a higher-level convention. If your precinct did not elect a chair at the caucuses on February 1, or if you do not know how to contact your precinct chair, state your interest in an email to [email protected] by February 23.

A “slate” of proposed delegates, 1st, 2nd and 3rd alternates will be drafted by the committee of precinct chairs before the convention, to include those who’ve expressed interest. This preparation helps shorten the time needed at convention by having lists of correctly spelled names, and confirmed intention to serve if elected. Some nominations / self-nominations from the convention floor are also anticipated. Depending on the number of people interested, the positions could be subject to rounds of voting at our March 19 SD50 Convention.

Regarding delegates and alternates to the higher-level conventions, you should know the following:

• If you live in CD5, the CD5 Convention will be held at the Crystal VFW Hall on Saturday, April 2
• If you live in CD3, the CD3 Convention will be held at Wayzata High School on Saturday, April 23
• The State Convention will be held in Rochester on Friday and Saturday, May 13-14
• You will need to attend the full meetings and you will need to cover your costs of registration, transportation, and food/lodging (as required)
• Depending on the number of people interested, the positions could be subject to a vote at the convention

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.