New SD 49 Executive Committee Sets its Course


The newly-elected members of the SD 49 Executive Committee met on March 6 to set its objectives and priorities for the next two years.  Several retiring members of the Executive Committee were invited to help assess the current state of the senate district, identifying its strengths and opportunities to grow.

Co-Chairs Randy Sutter and Wayne Wenger led the meeting.  The attending members of the new Committee included Beth Beebe, Nancy Carlson, Mary Doughty, Noah Harber, Angie Hasek, Lane Hersey, Mike Lehmann, Vince Riehm, and Louis Tiggas.  On hand to provide their perspective were Greg Beam and Barbara Sutter

Randy Sutter remarked that Senate District 49 is considered one of the stand-out senate districts in the state.  He attributed that to the loyalty of its core members and the strength of its programs.  He challenged the new officers to work with him and Co-Chair Wayne Wenger to build on those strengths. 

The new Executive Committee agreed to organize their efforts around Candidate Search, Precinct Building, Communications, Outreach, Fundraising, and Programs.  Committees are being formed in support of these efforts.  Volunteers are welcome to work with the Executive Committee members on one or more of these committees.  CLICK HERE to let us know you would be interested.