MN Senate Candidate Dean Mumbleau Picks Up Key Endorsements

Republican candidate Dean Mumbleau has gained some important endorsements in his run for the MN Senate in Senate District 50 (Richfield and east/central Bloomington).

Minnesota_Police_and_Peace_Officers_Logo.jpg- Dean is pleased to be endorsed by the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association.

- MN Republican House member Steve Drazkowski wrote, “Please support Dean to be the next state senator from Senate District 50! Dean's experience in law enforcement will be very helpful in restoring the rule of law here in Minnesota; Dean understands and respects our constitutions and will protect them as your state senator.”

For_Newsletter_Dean_Mumbleau_and_Zuhdi_Jasser.jpeg- Muslim Reformist Zuhdi Jasser (pictured on the right, with Dean): “I’ve known Dean for a number of years since he reached out to support many of us American Muslim leaders dedicated to real reform against the Islamist threat. When it counted most, he called on Minnesotans to make a clear ideological distinction between regular diverse faithful American Muslims and those like Ilhan Omar who are Islamist theocrats. He is a truly devoted American patriot who has the courage to speak truth to power and will certainly be true and dedicated to his constituents.”

Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee: “We are confident that you will be a strong, steadfast supporter of gun rights in Saint Paul during the 2021-2022 legislative biennium – pushing for our legislative priorities such as Constitutional Carry and Stand your Ground and opposing all facets of the gun control agenda. We will also work with gun owners and other voters in your district to ensure that they give you their full support. Thank you for your strong support of the Second Amendment and your commitment to individual liberty. Please accept our best wishes for a successful campaign. “