New for 2016: MN Caucus Vote Commits National Delegates to Candidates

3 Reasons to Attend Your March 1 Caucus:

1)   Your voice makes a direct difference.

This year, your caucus vote for a Presidential candidate will be added to those from all precincts across the district and state, and actually commit/bind delegates to the Republican National Convention to candidates, for the first round.  

The MN GOP website explains the process of converting the straw poll to delegates as follows: 

"Minnesota's 38 national delegates will be proportionally bound according to the straw poll taken on March 1. 2016.  Three (3) national delegates will be elected in each congressional district and proportionally bound according to the straw poll results in each respective congressional district.  The eleven (11) delegates elected at the MN Republican State Convention (Duluth, May 20,21) plus the three delegates automatically allocated to the three MN RNC members -- the National Committeewoman, National Committeeman, and State Party Chairman -- will be bound according to the statewide straw poll results."

It’s a big change from Caucus “straw polls” of the past.  Being part of history is worth leaving home for 3 hours!

2) Meet your Republican neighbors. 

Politics probably aren’t something you discuss when out shoveling snow or mowing the lawn.  You could be happily surprised to learn that you’re not the only Republican on the block.

Encourage a neighbor -- Tell a newbie what to expect at the Caucus using this handy page. CLICK HERE

3) Have a say in who runs for local and State offices.

By the time we vote in November, the field of potential candidates for each city, county and state office has been narrowed down to 2 or 3.  One of those is endorsed by our Republican Party.  That process starts with our March Caucus and April District conventions.   Get info now on potential candidates and help shape the November ballot.