Mike Lehmann Speaks at SD49 Convention

MN Senate, Senate District 49 – Michael (Mike) Lehmann

Mike began by recognizing and thanking those attending.  He knows many of the participants from his previous run (in 2012) for the At-Large seat on Bloomington’s city council. He had to cover the entire city, so knows what door-knocking and listening to citizens’ concerns is all about. That experience is invaluable as he begins his campaign. Mike_Lehmann_at_Convention.JPG

Mike said that was born and raised in Minneapolis and has lived in Bloomington for 37 years.  He graduated from the University of Minnesota and has been married to his wife, Sue, for 46 years.  They have two grown sons and one grandson.  Mike has been involved with the start-up of 5 different businesses as well as working with the Board of the TwinWest chapter of Chamber of Commerce, having served as Chair and still an active Board member.  He is a strong business advocate.    He spent the last 23 years in facility development, and recently retired.

Mike wanted to share a few things about his platform.  He is a fiscal conservative who believes in not increasing taxes.  He feels the State has plenty of income coming in and should start allocating it wisely.  Mike also believes in zero based budgeting.  Mike_Lehmann_formal_photo.jpgHe believes that education and workplace development are key to business success.  Mike believes we need multi-modal transportation.   A last thing that Mike will advocate (although aware he’ll have virtually no influence there) is campaign reform because we spend way too much money and time on campaigns.

Mike asked the delegates for their endorsement so together we can implement sound fiscal principles, promote a healthy business environment, and establish effective education practices. 

His endorsement was approved by unanimous acclamation.