Meet Jeff Salovich: Bloomington School Board Candidate

Jeff_Salovich_Bloomington_School_Board_Candidate.jpgBloomington voters will be electing four school board members from a list of 10 candidates this year. Voters may select up to four of the candidates on their ballots. For additional information on some of the other school board candidates as well as city council candidates, CLICK HERE.

Here are some highlights of candidate Jeff Salovich.

Jeff Salovich graduated from Washburn High School in Minneapolis and is a long-time resident of Bloomington. He graduated from Dunwoody Institute’s HVAC Associates Program and completed the 5-year Pipefitter’s Local 539 HVAC Service Apprenticeship. Jeff has worked over 19 years as Pipefitter Foreman at the Minneapolis City Hall. He and his wife Amanda have four children who are either graduates of or currently attending Jefferson High School. Amanda is a paraprofessional  with the special needs program, working at Jefferson this year.

Volunteer Experience
• Youth sports coach 2004-20013
• Bloomington Athletic Association soccer coach, starting in 2017
• Leader of Hillside Church’s 3rd-4th grade Wednesday night youth group, with wife Amanda
• Co-leader Hillside Church;s 5th-6th grade Sunday School Class
• Buddy Break volunteer, working with special needs kids for a Saturday morning every month

Why is Jeff Salovich running?
• To be a School Board member unencumbered by endorsements from special interest groups or politicians
• To speak up for ALL children based on my life experiences
• To bring fundamental education back for the benefit of our kids first and then for our community and then the larger world of their future
• To be a proponent of civilized adult conversations about what is needed to improve public educational outcomes

Jeff Salovich’s priorities are
• Bring my 24-year experience as a parent to School Board decisions on educational matters
• Advocate for trades work and their integration into public schools
• Ensure that school classes stay neutral and on subject, not drift into things that cause division
• Emphasize success in class to help children grow into responsible adults
• Stand against any policies that cause divisions, and support those that promote common sense fixes

You may find more information about his campaign at his website