Kendall Qualls Issues Statement on Tax Policy


Kendall Qualls, Republican candidate for US Congress in the 3rd Congressional District, has made it clear that he supports tax policies that are equitable, support families, and support business activities. 

The next Congress will be challenged with tough decisions regarding the funding of critical government operations despite soaring borrowing for COVID-19  relief payments.  Qualls has made it clear that his priorities are

  • Improving the Child Tax Credit
  • Eliminating the Marriage Penalty
  • Supporting Small Businesses
  • Encouraging Innovation

In a released statement posted on his website, Kendall stated

As someone who has spent nearly 30 years in the private sector and healthcare industry, I know the importance of an efficient and effective tax system. I’ve also seen the effect of overburdensome tax policies that hurt businesses and stifle innovation – even if those policies are well intentioned.”

Kendall Qualls has faced critical spending decisions over much of his corporate career and in his family life.  As you look forward to the November election, consider who you would want to spend your tax dollars.