Hinderaker’s Talk on Politics in Edina Schools Touches a Nerve

Hinderaker_at_Dinner.jpg John Hinderaker spoke on September 26 to a room at full capacity.  The theme of our dinner program was “Politics in Edina School System – Education or Indoctrination?”  He presented his evidence of the open political tilt of a significant number of teachers at Edina High School to a somber audience, most of whom were Edina parents or grandparents. 

A video of Hinderaker’s presentation can be viewed by clicking the image below. 


A few days after John’s presentation, the Center of the American Experiment ran a cover story in its magazine, Thinking Minnesota, on the liberal indoctrination in Edina schools.  A copy of that magazine was mailed to every residence in Edina.

It didn’t take long for the counterattack to get launched.  Rather than address the points raised by the Center, the ideological attack resembles carpet bombing

Hinderaker reports that liberal bullies on Facebook have

-       labeled people at the Center “neo-Nazies and white supremacists”

-       claimed the Koch brothers are financing Thinking Minnesota 

-       called for the removal of the magazine from Edina mailboxes (a federal crime)

Going further, the social media gang of thugs have

-       used various Facebook pages to organize campaigns of harassment against the individuals and companies that advertise in Thinking Minnesota

-       telephoned the advertisers and “hurled insults, of the usual incoherent sort, at them”

Their objective:  shut down the Center by driving Thinking Minnesota, Minnesota’s second largest magazine by circulation, out of business.

We need to help the Center stand strong against this liberal bullying. 

-       We need to call the advertisers and thank them for supporting Thinking Minnesota

-       CLICK HERE to donate to the organization that represents rational discourse against unbridled bullying    

Additional printed copies of the magazine will be available locally after Oct 15 at Barnes & Noble stores, and as noted above, the articles are also viewable online.