Local Issue Focus - Edina Grandview Development

Grandview is the part of Edina that stretches west from the City Hall across Highway 100 and along Vernon Avenue, encompassing the site of the former Edina Public Works facility.  Development of portions of the Grandview area of Edina has been under discussion for as long as eight years.  The Edina City Council took a significant step on March 2, voting 4-1 to approve special tax treatment to encourage development.  Mary Brindle was the lone vote against approval.

This vote came despite the reservations voiced earlier by some residents to the use of Tax-Increment Funding (TIF).  Before the vote, the Edina School Board also voiced concern.  The School Board sent a letter on March 1 questioning whether TIF is needed at all and listing reasons it could be harmful long-term to school-funding.

John Reinan, who has followed the Grandview issue for years, reported  in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on March 1:

  In a letter sent this week to Mayor Jim Hovland and the City Council, the school board questioned whether the 11-acre parcel in the heart of Edina really needs special tax treatment.

 ”The Edina schools want the city to redo its math on a financing proposal for the Grandview development district.”

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In its letter, the Edina school board noted that the creation of TIF districts can result in higher city taxes, potentially affecting the willingness of voters to approve future school funding referendums. The board also noted that new housing in the TIF district could bring in additional students.


 The board questioned the duration of the TIF district, set for the state maximum of 26 years. The board also suggested that the city is undervaluing some school district-owned land in Grandview.


A copy of the Edina City Council's March 2 Presentation regarding the TIF is viewable at their website.  CLICK HERE