Governor Imposes Curfew on 4 Counties After Brooklyn Center Riot


Picture credit: Twin Cities Pioneer Press

Bad mistake: Shoot a young black man instead of tasing him at a traffic stop.

Bad reaction: Protesters pelted police officers with concrete blocks and frozen cans of pop.

Reporter interpretation: “There was no riot.”

Brooklyn Center Police Chief Gannon’s rational response: “I was front and center … at the riot.”

“Protests” grow: 20 businesses broken into, some destroyed (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

A prudent Governor’s possible responses: Deploy enough police and National Guard to arrest anyone who riots and loots. Ban gatherings of more than 20 people.

Governor Walz’ actual response: Declare a four-county curfew. Lockdown 2.6 million people.

Take away: Rather than condemn the riots and the looting, Governor Walz chooses to make the whole metropolitan area suffer.