Good Turnout for Holiday Party

Edited_Barb__Patti__Aaron__Barb_S____Lane_Hersey.jpgPerhaps it was the sense of contrast coming in from a damp cool night into a warm and friendly bar. Or perhaps it was the descending darkness outside and the brightly light interior, or the smell of delicious food on a near empty belly. Whatever the reason, to me there was a feeling of magic in the air.

Edited_Sandra___Lewis_Coffey__Don_Johnson____Guest.jpgAs our loyal and faithful party members arrived and saw familiar faces, as new and uninitiated couples mingled with our staunch and devoted supporters, I witnessed the beginning of new friendships, like watching a family grow.

Beneath the flickering candlelight, subdued wall lanterns, and the rustic brick background were the hushed pleasant conversations of young and old. We had come together for a quiet evening in memory of the past and in celebration of the future. It was a time for reflection, a time for joy, a time for sorrow, a time for regeneration.

Edited_Smiling_Dave_Clynes-01.jpgYes, we’re a bit battle-weary, a bit skeptical but we are also eternally hopeful in this the celebratory season. We put on our festive red attire, we extend our hand to newcomers, and we become a part of that mystery that holds us together.

Thanks to SD49 and SD50 for hosting this event, and thanks to all who came out to enjoy the December 10th event.

See you in January!