Get Involved - State and Community Board Openings

Serving on a state or city Board or Commission is an important way to bring our Republican viewpoint and values to local decision-making. It's an opportunity to build relationship bridges to those who don't have a similar perspective.  These are also excellent background experiences for anyone who eventually may want to run for office.

The Governor's Office announced that there is an opening on the Governor's Asian Council. The Council is looking for a public citizen of Asian background to serve on the council. Here are two links to get more info:, and:  [email protected]

The Bloomington City Council is seeking applicants by December 18,  to serve on its Advisory Boards and Commissions for terms beginning January 2018.

There are Advisory Board openings for: 
- Advisory Board of Health 
- Local Board of Appeal 
- Merit Board

There are Commission openings for: 
- Creative Placemaking Commission 
- Human Rights Commission 
- Parks, Arts and Recreation Commission 
- Sustainability Commission

For more information, call 952-563-8780 or visit For an online application, visit

Applications must be received by Monday, December 18 for consideration at the City Council’s organizational meeting on January 2.