Frank Drake for CD 5

An Interview with Frank Drake CD5 Candidate for US Congress

Kenzie O'Keefe, the editor of North News, the community newspaper in North Minneapolis, recently interviewed Frank Drake, resident of Senate District 49 and candidate for Congress in the 5th Congressional District.Frank_Drake_1.jpg

O’Keefe:  Why do you think voters specifically in North Minneapolis should vote for you?

Frank Drake:  To answer your question on why voters on the North Side should vote for me, it’s because I’m the best candidate.

 Over the past 10 years, graduation rates, home ownership, and prosperity have decreased in North Minneapolis. Our current Congressman [Keith Ellison] has dropped the ball and is too focused on other issues outside of North Minneapolis and the 5th CD.

When he was on the board of Community Action of Minneapolis, CEO Bill Davis is in jail for stealing $1,000,000, and that money was supposed to help people in need. Where’s Keith? Keith never attended a meeting, even though that was his job. He was there for the barbecues and other events when the Press was around, so he could take credit for all the good they were doing when again he never attended a meeting.  

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