Follow the Money: Contributors to Bloomington City Council Candidates


Bloomington voters should consider who has contributed to their City Council members, to understand who might be aligned with whom and might be seeking influence.

According to finance reports filed with Hennepin County, State Rep. Steve Elkins (D, Bloomington/Edina) supported Bloomington Councilman Patrick Martin last year with a donation of $100.  Readers may recall that the previous edition of the SD 49 Newsletter reported on Elkin's bill to use the State's power to effectively outlaw single family residential zoning in Minnesota, and to make other changes to "densify" our neighborhoods.   

The financial reports show a direct tie between several of the current City Council members and one City Council candidate. Current Council members Jenna Carter and Shawn Nelson contributed to Patrick Martin. Lona Dallessandro also contributed $100 and was listed as Martin's campaign treasurer on the Schedule A of 2020's end of year campaign financing report.  Dallessandro is now running in City Council District 3 to replace retiring Jack Baloga. 

If Elkins, Martin, Carter and Nelson all support Martin, how do you suppose they will act  ending residential neighborhoods as we know them if Elkins' bill passes?  If Dallessandro wins her race and joins the Council, a majority of the council may be for actions like Elkins' Bill.  

Martin also gained the support of the government workers' union, whose Political Action Committee gave him $250. Another union PAC and law firm Lockridge, Grindal Nauen also donated $250 to Martin through their Political Action Committees.  The law firm specializes in antitrust litigation and 'government relations' - lobbying, in normal language.