Dario Anselmo responds to Negative DFL Campaign Ad

Heather Edelson and the DFL Party have recently launched an attack ad on MN Rep Anselmo in their efforts to unseat him as our representative on District 49A. Unable to identify positive reasons to support their candidate that will resonate in Edina, the DFL is resorting to making things up. Dario posted a response on his campaign Facebook page, and we have reposted it here.

Anselmo_Preferred_Photo_2017.jpgIt’s disappointing to see that my opponent and her party have chosen to go negative, resorting to falsehoods in order to do so. Edina deserves better. While I don’t intend to respond to every negative attempt, I want to set the record straight on a few issues that are particularly personal for me.

Education: As a father of three children in Edina schools and community leader advocating for education for 12+ years, I was the proud co-author of the bill that provides a more than $1.3 billion increase for education – putting more money in every classroom – and secures $25 million for school safety improvement.

Opioids: Having lost a good friend to opioid addiction, the opioid crisis our state and nation faces hits close to home. I was lead co-author with Rep. Dave Baker on a bill to institute electronic controls on opioid prescriptions (HF 3820) in order to help stem the tide of addiction.

Seniors: Taking care of our aging loved ones remains a priority, and I helped pass all of the elder care reforms recommended by the non-partisan office of the legislative auditor. Unfortunately, these reforms were vetoed by the governor.

For me, representing each of you in our state legislature is an honor and calling I carry out without consideration for compensation. And while my opposition attempts to portray it otherwise, our pay as legislators is actually set by an independent, non-partisan council resulting from a constitutional amendment passed in 2013.

Edina deserves better than these distortions of facts and continued attempts to divide. As Edina’s representative, I remain committed to focusing on solutions for the people, not partisan politics.