Current MN Republican Gubernatorial Candidates

At this point in time, two Republicans have declared their candidacy for Governor of Minnesota. Below are highlights from the candidates' platforms and key issues.

Dr_Scott_Jensen_portrait_edited_from_campaign_site_jpg.jpgDr. Scott Jensen  is a former Minnesota State Senator and practicing physician who garnered widespread attention last year through his opposition to Governor Walz's draconian COVID lockdowns and calls for greater data transparency in government COVID modeling. Dr. Jensen's key campaign issues include:

• Ending the lockdowns
     o In light of Gov. Walz's faulty modeling and devastating economic shutdowns, Jensen is committed to emergency power reform
• Opening classrooms
     o Jensen notes that our children have lost more than a year of critical in-person learning as Walz catered to teachers' union demands, while neighboring states and private schools have found a way to bring students safely back to the classroom
• Transparent data and decision-making, especially following Gov. Walz's faulty COVID modeling and devastating health and economic policies
• Restoring election integrity
• Protecting the Second Amendment
• Enforcing the law and protecting Minnesotans in light of the rioting in 2020
• Funding children's education, not broken institutions, by providing choice and empowerment for parents and their finances
• Protecting the sanctity of human life and supporting Minnesota families
• Shrinking the government and the tax burden on Minnesotans

His campaign website is

Mike_Murphy.jpgMike Murphy is a small business owner who currently serves as Mayor of Lexington, MN. Mike's key campaign issues include:

• Business and Job Growth
     o Mike plans to reopen Minnesota's economy by lowering restrictions on businesses and ending tax hikes
• Supporting Law Enforcement
     o Mike fully supports law enforcement and will ensure they have enough funding to keep communities safe and secure
• Election Integrity
     o Mike will fight to protect the ballot box, as Minnesotans deserve to know that their elections are free and fair.

His campaign website is