CSE Endangers Kids - Opponents Plan Rally

Chalk_Board_Sex_Education.jpgA serious statewide proposed mandate about the education of MN children requires your attention. In Spring 2019, MN House Bill HF1414 was passed by House Democrats that mandated Comprehensive Sex Eduction (CSE) in every MN School District. Although it was defeated in the Senate, CSE proponents have promised to keep the pressure on to get this mandated in the State of Minnesota and beyond. We who oppose it must stand together in full force.

We've learned that some of the controversial, explicit and graphic, material is already in local elementary school libraries.

Comprehensive Sex Education is dangerous because:
• It is a radical movement to normalize all gender identities, teach 10 year olds and up how to have all forms of sex outside of marriage, and encourage sexual behavior that will harm students long term physically and emotionally.

• It is ”a means of building a foundation for a long-term culture shift...” according to the SIECUS Strategic Framework, pdf. (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States)

• CSE is pushed by proponents such as Planned Parenthood and the University of Minnesota through it's Healthy Youth Development - Prevention Research Center.

• CSE removes parental rights and is all about children's rights to sexual pleasure and their sexuality, with radical messages taught beginning in PreK.

Take Action
• Educate yourself with the information from the links below. 
• Contact your legislators and voice your concerns about CSE
• Send emails to people with info from Child Protection League
• Plan to voice your opposition to CSE by attending:

Sunday, September 22, 1:30
At the MN State Capitol

Video Links on Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE)
10 minute basic info regarding CSE . There is also a 25 minute version, with more info.

Rep. Eric Lucero debate on the House floor, 8 minutes

Barb Anderson, Examples of CSE Curriculum, 10 minutes (requires sign-in to verify age of viewer)

Reading Links on Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE)

A summary of the MN House Bill, from “Deplorable Housewives” website

Child Protection League CSE General information

List of local schools  (scroll down page) with "It's Perfectly Normal" (graphic content examples shown at top of link) in elementary / middle school libraries.

MN House File 1414 - Details of CSE Mandate

Child Protection League Updates on the Nature of HF 1414

CPL Update 1

CPL Update 2