Congressional Districts 3 and 5 Elect New Officers

March has been the month for Congressional District conventions. 

Congressional District 3 held its convention on Saturday, March 20.  The remote meeting was chaired by Danny Nadeau.  Voting was smoothly accomplished using CVote, created by CD3’s own Sam Adjei.  Lonny Leitner was the keynote speaker.

The CD-3 officers elected were:

Meier.JPGChair:  Patti Meier (SD44)

Deputy Chair:  Vince Beaudette (Carver County)

Secretary:  Julie Ann Schmidt (SD44)

Treasurer: John Kunitz

Vice Chairs

  • Sam Adjei (Carver County)
  • Kim Crockett (SD33)
  • Debjyoti Dwivedy (SD48)
  • Vicki Ernst (Carver County)
  • Kathleen Fowke (SD33)
  • Ryan Soller (Carver County)
  • Randy Sutter (SD49)

SD49 boasted the largest delegation at the convention, with 32 delegates and seated alternates.

The CD5 Convention was held Wednesday March 24.

The CD5 officers elected were:

Chair: Paul Anderson (SD59)Anderson.jpg

Deputy Chair: Jake Moroshek (SD46)

Secretary: Kirsten Kukowski.(SD60)

Treasurer: Michael Hammond.(SD46)

At-Large Members of the Executive Committee

  • Nick Morgan (SD46)
  • Bob Olson (SD60)
  • Mark Miller (SD61)

Christina Pierson (SD61) is the delegate from CD5 to the State Central Committee.  Bob Olsen is the Alternate.

Jennifer Carnahan presided over the remote meeting.  Voting was facilitated by MN GOP staff. 

In attendance from SD49 were Louis Dennard, Jennifer Hennemuth, Daniel Nye, Louis Tiggas, and Wayne Wenger.  Joyce Anderson and John Twisk represented SD50.