Confessions of a Volunteer

Being a GOP volunteer is quite an experience!  I think the motivation for getting involved as a volunteer can vary widely from curiosity to social involvement to fundamental principles.  What I think is amazing is the experience of finding yourself in the middle of grass-roots democracy.  One minute you are saying that you would like to help and the next, you are getting up at 5:30 am on a beautiful Saturday.  You join 50 other unpaid people to help make a convention happen!  Your diet becomes coffee and donuts.  Computers that were tested and retested decide to “crash” at the main event.  The other 50 unpaid volunteers around you seem to just keep adjusting and giving it their all in what now seems like one of the most important things you can be working on.   It’s a little like sausage making and, even more, it is the excitement of democracy in action.  volunteer-clip-art-friends-of-the-library-ideas-pinterest.jpg

 If you want to experience the challenge and enjoyment of volunteering, we have openings for people to work in the following areas: 

  • Communications (e.g., writing, graphics, etc.)
  • Campaigning (e.g., dropping literature, calling, etc.)
  • Events (e.g., picnics, dinners, etc.)
  • Technology (e.g., data management, social media, etc.)

To help, please click the following address: