Letter to the Editor: Are Minnetonka Voters Aware of Who is Running for Council and Mayor?

From Concerned Minnetonka Citizen (name withheld by request)

Family_Enters_Voting_Building.jpgMinnetonka has odd year elections so people don't vote...most likely because they aren't aware there is an election and Minnetonka has been running smoothly and people trust that this will continue. It won't. The radicals are organized and show up in droves.

Please read the following:

Are you aware of who is running for council? (They haven’t filed, but they have submitted campaign finance reports). Candidate filing starts on July 27.

First up: Candidate Iola Kostrzewski: She is running for council as an act of “active defiance” against Deb Calvert. She has a Nextdoor app post background that makes Antifa look tame. Iola currently and actively protests with Jeremiah Ellison, Minneapolis Council Member and Keith Ellison’s son.  Here’s her website: http://iola4minnetonkacouncil.com/

Kimberly Wilburn is another candidate: She’s running to be a part of the current system to dismantle the current system.  Apparently to her, America is the system.  Kimberly’s words: “we need to acknowledge the existence of systemic and institutional racism and intentionally work to dismantle those systems.”  Here’s her website:  https://kimberlycaresmn.com/

Incumbent Council member Deb Calvert is running and is very much the same as the others but she’s diplomatic...and has endorsements. Yes, she has endorsements. A lot of them.

John Kuhl is a candidate for mayor.  John is part of the Hopkins School Board, which has been progressively left and influencing the Minnetonka City Council. This includes pushing CRT, climate change, white privilege etc. in Minnetonka.  His website is https://www.johnkuhl.com/

At-Large Candidate Dan Kral and incumbent Mayor Brad Wiersum are the only ones running who are not culture warriors. The other Ward council members are the same as the above-mentioned candidates.

I haven’t heard about anyone challenging. Have you?

With an entire radical City Council, Minnetonka will be transformed into something residents won't recognize,