Absentee Ballot Board Republican Election Judges Needed

Minneapolis Elections is currently looking for Republicans to serve on the Absentee Ballot Board for the November 3, 2020 General Election. The Board is responsible for the processing and counting of returned absentee ballots received in Minneapolis--an especially demanding and important job this year.

The Board will be working approximately from Monday, October 19th through Tuesday, November 10. The Board will operate out of the Minneapolis Convention Center, 1301 2nd Ave S. Parking will be available at no charge.

Preference would be given to those who are NOT already working at polling locations on election day, so there's a consistent set of teams throughout .  Pay is $18.50 per hour, and expect to work Monday-Friday, 8:00 – 4:30, with some hours on weekends as well. Board members work in pairs, will be socially distanced and masked, with additional COVID safety procedures. Accuracy in counting and attention to detail are essential.

If you would be available for these dates and would like to work, please reply to [email protected] NO LATER THAN THURSDAY, SEPT 10.

Alan Shilepsky forwarded this, with the added message: “I implore Republicans and conservatives who have the availability and capacity to apply. We need members of both major parties involved to ensure voters are properly vetted for eligibility, and ballots are counted fairly.

The Founders vision recognized that factions can check factions. We can protect our DFL friends from a "near occasion of sin" by joining them in the ranks of election workers. Plus it can be fun, remunerative and get you out of the house! Or think of it as a civic service! We need you."   

By our calculation, those who are hired may earn more than $2500 for a month's work. You do not need to be a Minneapolis resident. More info is available at the city's website