A Big Thanks to our Volunteers!

thanks-1314887_640.jpgThe 2020 election season was long and contentious. Our candidates deserve our thanks for stepping forward into the arena. However, the outcome of the election was determined in large measure by the effort that volunteers put forth to support those candidates. To all those volunteers – THANK YOU. Please know that our candidates benefitted from that time and toil.

In recognition of their outstanding efforts, here are some of the people that made a difference by contributing time and effort on multiple occasions:

Jim Bowen worked continuously from Labor Day to Election Day heading up volunteer organization

Lit Bag Stuffing: Trish Burnison

Door knocking within our Senate District: Michael Barg, Jim Bowen, Nancy Carlson, Steve Curry, Sonia George, Dennis Hamilton, Dennis Hogan, Tom Hulting, Carol Kerr, Joel Quinnell, Jim MacDonald, Al Muerhoff, Vince Riehm, Randy Sutter, Julia Tate, Joe Thalman, Pam Tucholke, Dennis and Vicky Withers.

Sign Location Identification: Russ Burnison, Nancy Carlson, Dennis Hamilton, Dennis Hogan, Tom Hulting, Carol Kerr, Joe Thalman, John Tschohl. 

Sign Installations and Removal: Michael Barg, Jim Bowen, Russ Burnison, Nancy Carlson, Steve Curry, Kathy Frey, Dan Hallberg, Janene Harker, David Howell, Dennis Hamilton, Dennis Hogan, David Howell, Tom Hulting, Don Johnson, Carol Kerr, Kathy Kranz, Jim Lund, Al Muerhoff, Vince Riehm, Randy Sutter, Pam Tucholke.

Fundraising: Steve Curry, Tracy Eberle, Julie Hanson, Julia Tate, John Tschohl,

A number of people from SD49 also volunteered on or around Election Day as Election Judges and Poll Challengers.