Congressional District 3 Convention, March 20th

10 am – via Zoom

Senate District 49 Delegates (32 allotted / 32 elected)

Senate District 49 1st Alternates (32 allotted / 31 elected)


Congressional District 5 Convention, March 24th 

5 pm – via Zoom

Senate District 49 Delegates (6 allotted / 6 elected):

Senate District 49 Alternates (6 allotted / 6 elected)


Senate District 49 Republican Convention Agenda

February 20, 2021

  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Invocation
  4. Greetings and Announcements from the Chairs
  5. Reading of the Convention Call
  6. Election of Temporary Convention Chair
  7. Election of Temporary Convention Secretary
  8. Appointment of Parliamentarians & Election Judge
  9. Authorization of committees on Rules, Credentials, Registration, & Officer/Delegate Nominating Committee
  10. Preliminary Report of the Credentials Committee
  11. Motion to adopt Rule 5-b to seat Alternates
  12. Filling vacancies in delegations
  13. Motion to Make Temporary Organization Permanent
  14. Final Report of the Credentials Committee
  15. Practice session for Electronic Voting
  16. Report of the Rules Committee
  17. Report of the Officer Nominating Committee report & balloting
    • Senate District 49 Officers
    • House 49A Vice-Chairs
    • House 49B Vice-Chairs
    • State Central – CD 3 – Delegates and Alternates
    • State Central – CD 5 – Delegates and Alternates
  18. Other Business
  19. Adjournment

Call for the Senate District Republicans 2021 Convention

To: The Delegates & Alternates of Senate District 49,

Pursuant to the provisions of the Constitution of the Republican Party of Minnesota and pursuant to the 2019 Call for Republican Party Basic Political Organizational Unit (BPOU) conventions issued by the Republican State Executive Committee, the Senate District 49 Convention is hereby called to meet:

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20th, 10:00 am
Virtual Convention (Zoom and CVote)

The Senate District 49 Convention shall be composed of the delegates and alternates elected at the precinct caucuses in February of 2020 currently living within the boundaries of House Districts 49A and 49B.  If you are no longer living in House District 49A or 49B, please let us know.  

The Senate District Convention shall be held for the purpose of:

  1. Election of Officers of the Senate District 49 Executive Committee
  2. Election of Delegates, First, Second, and Third Alternates to the State Central Committee
  3. Transacting such other business as may properly come before the Convention

As published in the Senate District 49 newsletter on January 19, 2021 and on the SD49GOP website, the deadline for filing to be a delegate/alternate to MN GOP State Central Committee meetings, ended on Saturday, February 6.  This deadline was set to allow time for candidates to meet with the Officer Nominating committee for interviews prior to the convention.

Please RSVP so that we can plan knowing the number of people coming.  CLICK HERE to RSVP.  Scroll to the bottom of the landing page to pay online for the convention.

The registration price for this event is $5 / person, given that the convention will not be held in person.  The deadline to register is on or before February 17, 2021 at 12 noon.  Delegate and alternate registration will close at 12 noon on February 17.  No further registrations will be permitted after that.

You may also RSVP by emailing or calling Randy Sutter ([email protected]; 952-836-5925) by February 17 to arrange a means of payment. 

To participate in this convention, you will need a computer and/or a smart phone.  Please contact Randy Sutter if you do not have a computer or smart phone.

On or about February 19, sign-in information and instructions will be sent to those that have registered by the deadline.  The sign-in information will include a Z00m link and a CVote link.  CVote is the election software that we will be using to ensure that your vote is anonymous.

On the morning of February 20, you will be able to remotely sign-in using those links starting at 9:00 AM.  Sign-in will remain open until 10:30 AM.  The convention convenes at 10:00 AM.  We urge delegates and alternates to sign in as early as possible after 9:00 AM to ensure the efficient conduct of the convention.  No one attempting to sign in after 10:30 AM will be able to participate in the convention as a delegate or an alternate. 

Issued at the City of Bloomington, County of Hennepin, Minnesota this 7th day of February 2021

Russ Burnison and Joel Quinnell
Senate District 49 Republicans

Special Thanks to the Convention Volunteers

The success of the convention was directly attributable to a number of volunteers who served in the weeks leading up to and during the convention.   We sincerely thank the following individuals who made it all possible.


Convention Convener: Russ Burnison

Convention Chair: Louis Tiggas

Convention Secretary: Leah Hollenbeck

Convention Treasurer: Louis Tiggas

Convention Invocation: Trish Burnison

Pledge of Allegiance: Col Al Muerhoff





Julia Tate

Pam Tucholke

Michael Barg


Louis Dennard

Joel Quinnell

Randy sutter


Chair of Rules – Vince Riehm

Pat Mazorol

Craig Peterson

Doug Seaton

Eldon Spencer

Louis Tiggas


Vince Riehm


Chair- Jim Bowen

49A – Louis Dennard

49A – Dennis Hogan

49A – Anna Lima

49A – Sarah Patzloff

49B – Barb Sutter

49B – Lane Hersey

49B – Julia Tate

49B – Pam Tucholke

Russ Burnison- Ex-Officio

Joel Quinnell- Ex- Officio


Sam Adjei