Rousing SD 49 Turnout for Bloomington’s Heritage Days Parade

Close to 30 people turned out to carry our Senate District 49 banner and call attention to our candidates in Bloomington’s Heritage Days Parade on Saturday, September 17. 

Waiting_for_Start_of_Parade.jpgMax Rymer and Mike Lehmann brought out a number of their supporters, resplendent in green or red t-shirts.  Our group was escorted by Carol Kerr’s red convertible and followed by Jerry Chapman’s van, decked out in patriotic motif and playing music selected for this occasion.

Children watching the parade were treated to stickers and candy. The stickers proved to be an enduring gift, as many kids were seen adorned with “Max” or “I Like Mike” stickers later on during the Heritage Days Festival.

Thanks to the following people from SD 49 who came out for the parade (in addition to the candidates and their supporters):  Vince Riehm, Carolyn and Wayne Wenger, Russ Burnison, Barb and Martin Zalusky, Sheri Johnston, Dar Gray, Carol Brumwell, Bill Holm, and Barb and Randy Sutter.  Carol Brumwell and Bill Holm were our able photographers.

We'll have more photos from the Parade on our Facebook page by the end of the week.